Carey Ott – Nacona

Carey Ott out of Nashville, TN has just dropped his newest album titled “Nocona.” Carey Ott is from a small town called Ottawa, IL and spent time traveling around the United States and found Nocona, TX.

“I always knew I would leave Ottawa, Illinois. Many people never leave their birthplace. That’s cool for them. But I guess guys like me and Ryan have that wandering spirit in our blood. Nocona is my nod to Ottawa and Perryton, TX (where Ryan is from) and all these humble places that raise weird people like me. There’s a lot of heart and soul in these small towns you’ve never heard of. In some way I guess I’m coming back home. But soon enough I’ll be back on the road, wandering. I’ll never stop. I can’t stop. It’s what I do.” –


Nocona has a beautiful sound that all listeners will enjoy.

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