Pop rock band Six Stories Told opened up for Popstar session, Aaron Carter on January 20th at Planet Trog in Whitehall PA. The band is made up of lead singer Joanna Derosa, guitarist Jesse Sheppard, bassist Adam Peters, and drummer Tyler McDermott. Six Stories Told originally from New York has already opened for Aaron Carter numerous amounts of times, as well as joining pop rock band Hollywood Ending on their tour in the UK recently.

The band stole the crowds  hearts with their upbeat tunes and Joanna’s powerhouse vocals, they also got the crowd pumped with their 1D cover. The song that they closed their set with was their smash hit “Take Me Away,” which you can check out on the band’s youtube page as well as iTunes. With Six Stories Told’s constant tours and rapidly growing fan base, the band is making a name for themselves in the US and worldwide.

Written By – Mr. Brightside

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