Emmy’s Unicorn: “not Dead Yet”

Emmy’s Unicorn is a boy/girl duo from the United Kingdom featuring Emmy-Lou Kay and Mr. Ronz. They just released their debut EP titled “not Dead Yet.” In the past, the bands demo tapes had gotten some attention on BBC R1 and BBC6 music. This inspired the duo to work on a professional release. Although there is not much information about Emmy’s Unicorn on the web, we can tell you that their sound is beautiful. Combining acoustic guitars, pianos, and harmonies, Emmy’s Unicorn came on to something magical in this 4-track EP.  Our favorite song is “Save Me From Myself.” It carries the most raw emotion in the vocals starting with the lyrics “I’m going to drink myself to death.” Give NOT DEAD YET a listen! We can’t wait to hear more! 





Track Listing: 

1. Not Dead Yet
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
3. Save Me From Myself
4. If I Had A Gun 

Fans can listen on soundcloud! This album is for sale on amazon and for streaming on spotify.


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