Steel Cranes: New Album, Tour, “San Francisco Artist of the Month” via Deli?


Oakland two piece band “Steel Cranes” are competing against three other Bay Area bands on The Deli SF Bay Area’s “San Francisco Artist of the Month” Poll. They are currently behind in the poll but their music is definitely ahead of the other bands.

Recently the girls duo released full length album: “Ouroboros.” This ten track LP consists of rhythmic rock and punk drums, screaming guitars that are simple, and vocals that sound like a combination of a more aggressive Meredith Brooks and a more confident Joan Jett. Some songs from the record also resemble Fiona Apple.

The album is loud, outright, and raw. The album isn’t overly produced and it’s sonically pleasing. You should expect big things from Steel Cranes.

The Steel Cranes kick-off their North American tour tonight in Olympia, Washington at Le Voyeur. On October 1st they will be appearing at Baby Bar in Spokane, WA. Tour dates can be found on their facebook page and on their official website. (links posted below).

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